When you have a dispute with a neighbor, business partner, or company, you will need a civil litigation lawyer in East Peoria, IL. The term civil litigation refers to a dispute between two or more parties seeking monetary damages rather than criminal sanctions. The lawyers at Kepple Law Group, LLC represent injured parties in trials, mediations, and arbitrations. Civil litigation encompasses a wide variety of different cases. If you have a dispute you would like assistance with, contact us at 309-282-1545.

Do I Need a Civil Litigation Lawyer?

If at any point in time you need to file a lawsuit but are unsure of how to move forward, you may wish to consult a civil litigation lawyer in East Peoria, IL. Walking through the process of a trial is a complicated ordeal, and the guidance of a qualified civil litigation lawyer could come in handy down the road. This differs greatly from filing a criminal case, which is usually handled by government agencies like the local police department or the state.

What to Expect

When working with a professional civil litigation lawyer in East Peoria, IL, many factors play into the outcome of a trial. No matter what happens, your attorney will represent you through each step in the process.

With the guidance of your lawyer, your case could easily be settled out of court, or you could end up in court for the duration of the proceedings. If you win, you may receive monetary compensation or force the opposing party to cease their harmful behavior or activities. No matter what the subject matter of your dispute, the team at Kepple Law Group is ready to fiercely advocate on your behalf.

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