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Kepple Law Group, LLC attorneys are trained and tested in matters of real estate law throughout the state of Illinois. Not only the citizens of Washington, but also homeowners living in Morton, Peoria, East Peoria, and Pekin have all benefited from the service of a Kepple real estate attorney. Because of the nature of the job, Kepple Law has become intimately familiar with the real estate laws throughout Illinois, and they are uniquely qualified to serve homeowners in this capacity.

Real Estate Attorneys in Washington

Hiring a Real Estate Attorney to Help Buy a Home

It is wise to hire a real estate attorney when you are trying to buy a new home, as he or she can be invaluable in helping you navigate the world of real estate law. Some of the problematic situations that buyers often face include:

  • Buying property that is owned by the bank.
  • Commercial property purchase.
  • Land that is part of the sale of an estate.
  • You have bought or are considering buying a home that is unsafe and unstable.
  • A home in an area or environment that could be dangerous.

Hiring a Real Estate Attorney to Sell Your Home

When selling your home, you may face as many problems as the buyer who is searching for a new home. A real estate attorney can help solve these issues, as with those of a homebuyer, even though the obstacles may differ somewhat. The most common difficulties a real estate attorney faces include:

  1. Selling property that was willed to you.
  2. Trying to sell property that is dangerous and unstable.
  3. Selling property when you have judgments or liens on your record.
  4. Trying to sell a home while working with a co-owner that disputes every decision.
  5. Any other problems with the home or property that may prevent its easy sale.

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A real estate attorney from Kepple Law Group, LLC is also willing and able to handle most other real estate related issues a homeowner might face. For more information on the services offered, or to find out how Kepple Law Group, LLC can help you, contact us today.